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Discover the Soul of Music: High Heels and More

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Ismail's musical journey with "High Heels," a captivating composition that reflects his years living in Arabia and his enchanting trips to the Flamenco-rich landscapes of Spain. Ismail's distinctive style is beautifully showcased as he artfully fuses Arabian and Spanish classics, while infusing his creations with the vibrant rhythms of Afro influences.

Intriguingly, Ismail pays homage to the legendary Paco de Lucia with his rendition of the classic "Entre Dos Aquas." 

Ismail's musical odyssey finds its roots in the teachings of esteemed flamenco maestros such as Sadiq Khan, Farid Mayman, and Bienyameen Camroodien. Drawing inspiration from their expertise, Ismail embarked on a journey that led him to collaborate with renowned guitarists from around the world. His unique experiences and talents have led him to record and perform on numerous albums for a variety of artists.

Step into the world of Ismail's music and let his compositions transport you to places both near and far. 

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