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Guitar Tales Across Borders - A journey of Two Guitarist

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A Journey of Musical Fusion and Enchanting Performance (27 September 2023)

Step into a world where music, stories, and performance converge to create an unforgettable experience. "Guitar Tales Across Borders: A Journey of Two Guitarists Crossing Boundaries" isn't just a show; it's a captivating fusion of entertainment, theatrical artistry, and musical brilliance that will transport you to a place where cultures harmonize, and narratives come alive.

Ismail Davids and Ricky De Medeiros
Ricky De Medeiros and Ismail Davids

Nestled within the esteemed Titirangi Theatre, this enchanting event invites you to immerse yourself in a world of sound, culture, and creativity. Guided by the extraordinary talents of two virtuoso musicians, Ismail Davids and Ricky de Medeiros, you'll embark on a sensory journey like no other. Through their entrancing guitar performances and spellbinding narratives, they weave a tapestry that transcends conventional boundaries, genres, and expectations.

Ricky de Medeiros: The Maestro of Harmonious Fusion

Ricky De Medeiros emerges as a musical virtuoso, skillfully spanning genres, and continents to create a musical experience that captivates the senses. Hailing from Brazil, his unique style effortlessly merges Bossa Nova, classical guitar fingerstyle, Latin grooves, and the evocative allure of flamenco techniques. He honed his craft under the guidance of classical and traditional music luminaries, ultimately earning recognition as a reference in Latin guitar. Ricky's stage presence is nothing short of magical; his mastery has earned him acclaim as a beacon in Latin guitar, gracing stages alongside Latin Grammy Award Winners Romulo Castro and Mireya Ramos. With the finesse of a maestro, Ricky's fingers dance across the strings, conjuring melodies that are a dialogue between the heart and the soul.

Samba Music
Ricky De Medeiros

His fingerstyle guitar technique, a hallmark of his artistry, has resonated across New Zealand's diverse venues, infusing events with his harmonious fusion. Collaborations with NZ Music Award Winners Latin Aotearoa and a dynamic TVNZ performance with Sony Music's Yulia showcase his versatility. Ricky's musical palette extends even further, encompassing the vibrant rhythms of salsa and the soulful melodies of Cuban music. His ability to infuse these rhythms into his performances adds yet another layer of complexity and depth to his artistry, creating a multi-dimensional experience for his audience. Ricky's ongoing journey includes exciting studio recording projects, including his anticipated instrumental album.

Ismail Davids: The Global Guitarist and Gypsy Singer

Ismail Davids stands as an extraordinary artist, masterful guitarist, and soulful Gypsy singer, whose talents transcend boundaries and captivate hearts worldwide. His Spanish guitar strings and voice evoke melodies from distant lands, crafting a symphony of cultural fusion and raw emotion. Born into diverse heritage and raised across the globe, Ismail's musical journey weaves threads of European, Arab, and African roots. His lineage mirrors his cross-continental family history, and his music echoes the myriad experiences that have shaped him.

As a guitarist, Ismail's mastery knows no bounds. His fingers coax emotions from strings, blending the passionate heart of Spanish Flamenco with rhythms of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Arabic melodies. His narratives span sun-soaked Mediterranean to Arabian sands, from Andalucian spirit to Asian exploration.

Flamenco Guitar
Ismail Davids

Beyond his instrumental prowess, Ismail's voice carries the authenticity of a Gypsy singer, traversing languages, and cultures. His vocal range echoes his global journey, from European hues to African warmth, and Middle Eastern echoes to Latin rhythms. A recording artist, Ismail's unique blend of Afro and Latin Jazz, Spanish Folk, Mediterranean tunes, Classic and Latin Rock, and world sounds graces stages worldwide. Performances bridge divides and connect souls, leaving an indelible mark.

A Grand Unveiling: Ismail and Ricky Converge on Stage

Hold your breath for a momentous occasion as Ismail and Ricky, two virtuoso guitarists, come together to ignite the stage. Witness the captivating fusion of electric stories and mesmerizing musical odysseys that will leave you awe-inspired. This is a spectacle you won't want to miss, where two extraordinary talents collide to create an unforgettable experience.

A Symphony of Boundless Creativity

As their guitars intertwine, narratives unfold, creating a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. "Guitar Tales Across Borders" invites you to witness the interplay of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Arabic, and Flamenco rhythms, immersing you in the narratives of these remarkable artists.

An Expedition of the Senses (27 September 2023 7pm-9pm)

Mark your calendar for "Guitar Tales Across Borders: A Journey of Two Guitarists Crossing Boundaries." This show is more than a performance; it's an expedition of the human spirit through sound, stories, and entertainment. Secure your seats now for an evening where cultures harmonize, stories resonate, and the enchanting blend of strings and theatrical artistry weaves its magic. This is event is Child friendly.

Tickets and Contact

For ticket information and sales, visit

Contact Details: Nadia Matthew at 02102869636 or

Standard Ticket: $30 | Early Bird Ticket: $25 | Children 0-5 Free | Children 5-12 $15

Ticket price included GST

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