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“Music Tales in the Park,” New Year show

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Welcome to the Park!!! A Festive Symphony Beckons!

Step into the rhythmic realm of “Music Tales in the Park,” the much-anticipated follow-up to the sold-out sensation, "Guitar Tales." Get ready for an extraordinary evening of musical enchantment as the show returns to the Lopdell Theatre on Friday, December 22. Hosted by the acclaimed Ismail Davids, the show promises a transcendental experience with a lineup featuring an exceptional array of artists, all set against the festive backdrop of the holiday season. This special edition is crafted to infuse the spirit of joy, celebration, and musical magic, making it the perfect occasion to let your hair down and become a Music in the Park Groupie.🎶✨

The Theatrical Show in the Park

In a green park setting within the theatre, the show unfolds with the host, Ismail Davids, escaping from his wife and kids to play his guitar in the park. All the different artists also find their peace in the park with their music and share the fusion in meeting up and becoming lifelong friends in this show. The music will take the audience over continents and music that had no boundaries and fused with multicultural nations from Andalusia to Greece, Egypt to London and Cape Town to the Far East.

Meet the Maestro and the Ensemble

Ismail Davids: As the host of “Music Tales in the Park,” Ismail Davids stands as an extraordinary artist, masterful guitarist, and soulful Gypsy singer. His Spanish guitar strings and vocals echo melodies from distant lands, creating a cultural fusion and raw emotion that mirrors his cross-continental family history.

Mysterious Whispers in the Musical Breeze

Rumors are swirling like harmonious melodies in the wind, suggesting that a few extraordinary names might grace the park and join Ismail Davids for a musical rendezvous on December 22 around 7 PM – or perhaps a bit later, as the stars align just right. Brace yourselves for the magic that could unfold under the evening sky! Fingers crossed for a night filled with unexpected harmonies and delightful surprises! 🌟🎶

Here are just a few names we suspect might be tuning in to join the musical tale in the park.

JoyBells's - Singing - The Jazz Songstress: Joy brings to the stage not just a charismatic presence but also the gift of reviving songs that generations have sung along to. Her profound love for classic melodies takes on a special meaning as mothers find themselves humming along with their kids, creating a timeless connection through the magic of music. With a career marked by performances alongside renowned musicians and bands, Joy's voice carries the echoes of generations, making her an essential part of the enchanting ensemble.

Dr. Mark Baynes - The Pianist and Musical Guru: With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Mark Baynes is a distinguished figure in Auckland’s Latin jazz scene. His love for playing Cuban rhythmic piano and sambas, combined with popular music, has made him a sought-after artist, performing for prestigious clients including the All Blacks and the Glastonbury Festival. Throughout his extensive career, he has collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Troy Kingi, Latin Grammy Award Winner Mireya Ramos, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. His multifaceted roles as a musical director in the Middle East and as a pianist/MD for ProShip (Canada) showcase the breadth of his expertise. Mark has also shared the stage with jazz giants like Eric Marienthal, highlighting the depth of his musical journey and the rich tapestry he weaves with each performance. Mark carries a wealth of stories and melodies that have traversed continents, offering a rich tapestry of experiences to share with the audience in the park for this show.

Nick Jones, also known as "The Violin Guy," is a New Zealand-born virtuoso who embarked on his violin journey at the tender age of 4. Beyond classical mastery, Nick is a musical explorer, delving into diverse genres that have graced the shores of New Zealand and beyond. Renowned for his versatility, he has contributed to numerous recording albums and projects, showcasing his prowess as a maestro on various musical instruments.

As a devoted family man, Nick frequently seeks solace in the park, where he passionately plays his violin and shares enchanting tales. Witnessing the fusion of flamenco guitar, violin, and piano in "Music Tales in the Park" promises to be an unparalleled experience. Book your seat now to immerse yourself in this harmonious collaboration and discover more about Nick's musical odyssey.

Clive Fester - Clive Fester - The Cape Town Virtuoso: Originating from Cape Town, Clive Fester is a multi-talented guitarist and singer. Born in the rhythmic capital of ghoema music and carnival celebrations, Clive specializes in accompanying various artists and infusing life into any song with his expert guitar skills. His proficiency lies in blending the rich Cape Town sound with a global fusion reminiscent of Santana and other world influences. Enthusiastic about New Zealand parks, Clive eagerly shares his musical talents with park audiences. Anticipate an extraordinary fusion of Cape Town's rhythm and worldwide influences, creating a sonic experience like no other in "Music Tales in the Park."

A Symphony of Diversity

“Music Tales in the Park” isn’t just a concert; it’s a celebration of global music that has harmonized hearts across continents for over 400 years. Explore how the intimate and historic confines of Lopdell Theatre transform into a canvas where cultures collide, and emotions resonate.

The Honors and Celebrations

Join us in celebrating the well-deserved recognition of "Music Tales in the Park" as it secures a prestigious spot in the Auckland World of Cultures 2024 festival in April. This achievement holds significant meaning for both the show and its audience, promising more surprises in store. Don't miss out on the excitement and anticipation building around this exceptional musical journey!

As the evening approaches, envision yourself being part of this spellbinding melodic odyssey. “Music Tales in the Park” is not just a concert – it’s an immersive journey into the heart of diverse musical traditions, a celebration that transcends boundaries. Don’t miss out on the magic! Who knows, you might even find yourself joining us on stage... or should we say, in the Park. Get ready for a night of laughter, music, and surprises—wink wink!

Book your tickets now to secure your place in this unforgettable evening of musical enchantment. This show is more than a performance; it's an expedition of the human spirit through sound, stories, and entertainment. Secure your seats now for an evening where cultures harmonize, stories resonate, and the enchanting blend of melody and theatrical artistry weaves its magic. This event is Child friendly.

Tickets and Contact

For ticket information and sales, visit

Contact Details: Nadia Matthew at 02102869636 or

Weekend Special: $20 | General Ticket: $25 | Children 0-5 Free | Children 5-12 $15

Ticket price included GST

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