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A Big Thank You to an Awesome Audience

Dear Music Tales Family,

We're still riding the high from our recent 'Music Tales in the Park' soirée, and we can't help but beam with gratitude. The night was pure enchantment, all thanks to you – our fabulous audience and the stellar artists who turned the park into a playground of musical wonders.

A massive shoutout to Clinton Mann, whose music ignited a groove that spanned from kids to grannies. Your on-stage swagger and infectious beats had the entire crowd exclaiming, 'You're Hot' (or maybe 'They're complained they Hot') – a genuine testament to the rockstar performance you delivered. Your years of musical experience and showmanship were vividly on display, seamlessly engaging the audience and even getting the kids involved in the musical journey. The way you effortlessly made everyone part of the performance was nothing short of spectacular. Kudos!

Darz Keefe, you're unquestionably a guitar virtuoso and a musical trailblazer, bringing your unique artistry to the stage, much to the delight and embrace of the audience. Your Te Reo Māori songs and reggae rhythms not only showcased your exceptional talent but also created a soulful experience that left us all in awe. The peaceful presence you exude on the stage is a true testament to your art, making your Iwi from the Hikurangi Mountain undoubtedly proud. Your rising stardom is truly well-deserved, and we can't wait to witness more of your musical brilliance in the future.

Fuentes Baynes Duo, featuring the extraordinary Dr. Mark Baynes on the piano, who brought an unmatched finesse and expertise to the stage, elevating our musical journey to unparalleled heights of class. The Conga drum magic of the maestro Miquel Fuentes added an enchanting layer, weaving a tapestry of rhythmic brilliance that transported the audience to the heart of Latin America. Pavel Coronel's percussion skills added yet another layer of sheer brilliance, ensuring that every beat resonated deeply with the audience, creating a musical tapestry that was not just magical but also exhilarating. We are genuinely honored to have this exceptional ensemble grace our show, enriching the experience with their unparalleled talent, musical sophistication, and the promise of unforgettable moments for our audience.

In a stunning showcase of artistic brilliance, Cher Hoosen graced the stage with a dynamic cabaret performance, introducing an unexpected burst of Bollywood glamour to the evening. With a charismatic stage presence, versatile vocals, and captivating dance moves, Cher's contribution added an exhilarating and vibrant touch, weaving seamlessly into the captivating two-hour musical journey around the world. Her performance, though not the final act, played a pivotal role, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural celebration and contributing to the show's unforgettable allure.

A profound expression of gratitude extends to Ismail Davids for his exceptional hosting of the show, seamlessly blending gipsy singing and mesmerizing Flamenco guitar playing. Ismail's artistry not only curated a captivating world tour of music but also infused the night with an extra layer of enjoyment through his charismatic stage presence and delightful humor. His contributions were instrumental in making the evening an unforgettable celebration of global rhythms and storytelling, leaving the audience enchanted and eager for more.

Also, thank you to Richard Aylett for his exceptional Flamenco guitar playing that made the audience experience Andalucia. Your passion and skill were evident in every note and chord. Oh yes and thank you for coming to the park with your guitar!!!

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible audience whose unwavering support and boundless love showered each artist with warmth. Your enthusiasm not only elevated the atmosphere but also made the night truly unforgettable. Your willingness to embrace and champion every artist has been the cornerstone of this show's perfection and its continued vibrancy across previous performances. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment to making each musical journey a resounding success.

We'd be delighted to see your reactions and cherished memories from the event. Share your thoughts, photos, and videos on our Facebook page: Music Tales in the Park.

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Once again, thank you for being part of this musical journey. We're eagerly anticipating the next symphony of 'Music Tales in the Park'!

Warm regards and let the Music play!!!

Music Tales Team

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