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Music Tales in the Park: An Unforgettable Journey of Melodies

Date : 13 April 2024

A Musical Odyssey Like No Other

Prepare to be transported to a realm of enchantment and magic as “Music Tales in the Park” returns for an evening of mesmerizing performances under the theatre lights and greenery back drop. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience, where melodies weave stories and cultures converge.

"Music Tales in the Park" is a celebration of the diversity of Auckland and the rich musical heritage that has reached the shores of New Zealand over the past 450 years. Presented as part of the World of Cultures Festival and in partnership with Auckland Council, this event promises to captivate audiences with its fusion of diverse musical traditions. From Flamenco dancers and guitarists representing Spain to Middle Eastern Arabic, Indian, English, Greek, Russian, and Cape Town South African music, as well as performances by Māori artists and opera singers, this event showcases the incredible cultural mosaic of Auckland and stories that goes with it.

Ismail Davids: Host and Maestro of Global Melodies

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Ismail Davids, whose velvety voice and masterful guitar playing transcend geographical boundaries. His cross-continental heritage and numerous accolades have positioned him as a luminary in the world of music. Ismail’s award-winning performances have graced stages worldwide, and his collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds resonate with audiences everywhere.

Goldsmith Baynes Duo: Māori Jazz Fusion

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation with Allana Goldsmith and Mark Baynes. Their musical bond, forged from freedom and mutual respect, captivates audiences with its warmth and authenticity.

Allana Goldsmith, is a remarkable Māori contemporary jazz artist hailing from the Tairawhiti region, brings her rich cultural heritage to the forefront. Her soulful melodies evoke the spirit of Aotearoa, blending tradition with innovation. What sets Allana apart is her willingness to explore adventurous modern projects while maintaining a connection to her roots. She seamlessly weaves together both jazz and Māori musical traditions, creating a unique and authentic sound. Notably, she often writes her original music in Te Reo Māori.

Joining her is Mark Baynes, a British jazz pianist whose contemporary leanings infuse the duo’s sound with eclectic influences. Together, the Goldsmith Baynes Duo promises an extraordinary musical experience—one that transcends boundaries and celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity. Allana and Mark have performed at the Aotearoa Music Awards 2021, Wellington Jazz Festival 2022, Auckland Arts Festival 2023, Tauranga International Jazz Festival 2023, Waiheke Jazz Festival, Taste of Pasifika Festival, and Matariki Festivals across Auckland. Don’t miss their captivating performance!

Darz Keefe: Resilience in Harmony

Join Darz Keefe on a journey of resilience and passion. With roots in Ngati Porou, Darz’s music resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. Her remarkable singles and New Zealand tours have shared the stage with exceptional musicians. Armed with her guitar and soulful vocals, Darz brings rooms alive, captivating listeners with authenticity and talent.

Cher Hoosen: Cabaret Extravaganza

Prepare to be dazzled by Cher Hoosen’s electrifying performances. Jazz, RnB, pop, and Eastern influences collide in her dynamic stage presence and captivating vocals. Cher’s mark on theaters, music, and dance events is indelible. Noteworthy appearances include her role in “Dirty Work” with Indian Ink Theatre Co and participation in British Pop Rock Tribute Stage Musicals. She’s also a key member of the International Ginga Flashmob Kizomba Dance Team New Zealand.

Nick Jones: The Violin Guy

Experience the magic of Nick Jones, whose virtuoso violin playing transcends time and space. His diverse repertoire and boundless talent make him a true maestro. Also known as "The Violin Guy," is a New Zealand-born virtuoso who embarked on his violin journey at the tender age of 4. Beyond classical mastery, Nick is a musical explorer, delving into diverse genres that have graced the shores of New Zealand and beyond. Nick’s contributions to recording albums and projects showcase his prowess across various musical instruments. Nick has a few surprises up his sleeve for the show, don't miss it!!!

Amira Brock, Richard Aylett, and Sandy Shock: Flamenco Symphony

Witness the grand finale as this trio paints a Flamenco masterpiece. Amira Brock, trained by the great Luis Ramon, brings over 27 years of Flamenco dance experience.

Amira Brock a dynamic flamenco dancer whose fierce grace and raw emotion speak volumes. With over three decades of experience, and trained by many teachers including Luis Ramon, her every movement is a testament to her unwavering devotion. When Amira dances, time stands still, and her skirts reveal glimpses of Seville’s orange blossoms and the sweat-soaked floors of rehearsal studios.

Richard Aylett guitar playing is a mesmerizing dance of flames across strings, echoing the legends of Paco de Lucía and Sabicas. His music is a fragile bridge connecting the present to the past, shimmering through the air and drawing audiences in with invisible forces.

Sandy Schock is a master of footwork and finger work, her every strum and step echoing like a heartbeat. While she is usually seen dancing, tonight she wields her guitar, deftly navigating the frets. Sandy's instrument bears witness to her nights in dusty venues and moonlit courtyards, reflecting the laughter, tears, and longing of Flamenco's fire.

Richard Aylett, an exceptional guitarist, and Sandy Shock, a brilliant flamenco dancer and guitarist, complete the ensemble. Together, they promise to ignite your soul with electrifying rhythms and passionate artistry.

Clinton Mann: A Musical Journey from Cape Town to New Zealand

Embark on a musical journey spanning three decades with Clinton Mann, whose illustrious career began as a multifaceted artist in the renowned '90s South African pop group, The Slam Factory. Later, he established the pop group, Sounds of Soul, and secured a record deal with Clive Calder Productions. Clinton’s versatility shines through in his collaborations with artists across the globe, cementing his status as a legend in the world of music.

Clinton's career highlights include captivating massive audiences exceeding 100,000 at One World Music events in the Philippines. In fact, he just returned from the Philippines after another electrifying performance at the One World Music concert. Clinton was a big hit at the last Music Tales show, especially with the ladies and the kids, leaving an indelible mark with his charismatic presence and captivating performances.

Seats: Limited Availability! 95% taken.

Be among the privileged few to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event up close. With just over a week until the show, now is the perfect time to secure your spot for this extraordinary event. It’s a must-see! For those looking to elevate their experience, VIP tickets are available for only $25, offering exclusive access to the artist lounge during the break. Book those tickets now!

🎊 “Music Tales in the Park”: Where Melodies Transcend Borders, Hearts Unite, and Memories Are Etched Forever. 🎊

Don’t miss out! Secure your VIP seat and immerse yourself in this musical wonderland. It’s not just a show—it’s an experience you’ll carry with you always. 🎶

As part of the World of Cultures festival sponsored by Auckland Council.

Tickets and Contact

For ticket information and sales, visit

Show Date:- Saturday 13 April 2024 at 7PM

Lopdell Theatre, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604, New Zealand

Contact Details: Nadia Matthews at 02102869636 or

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